All-in-One PCI DSS Compliance & Chargeback Solution

MOTO|SECURE removes the data from the sales environment.

Allowing the consumer to safely input their details without disclosing sensitive card information.

The telephone agent is never privy to the customers’ details, thus providing a PCI-DSS compliant solution. 

This results in a higher transaction acceptance rate and reduced charges from the bank for non-secure transactions. 

Businesses can also deliver to third party addresses without the risk of chargebacks from the merchant bank. 

As MOTO|SECURE is purely software, it doesn’t require any connection to or integration with current phone solution.

MOTO|SECURE is CRM and telephony system agnostic ensuring its efficacy across all verticals

  MOTO|SECURE ensures a risk-free customer journey that protects both the merchant and the customer 

MOTO|Secure Integrated Gateways

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